“I was introduced to George and his team a good few years back. At the time, I had one particular investment, which was under-performing to say the least. The Company took over this investment for me and quite quickly, they assessed the fund and helped me take actions, which have improved its performance. Since that time, I have expanded more of my portfolio to George and his team. I find them to be professional, reliable and very responsive. Whenever I need help or advice the team at the Company, acknowledge almost immediately with a comprehensive reply. What gives me most comfort is receiving pro-active advice and suggestions to alter my portfolio, usually resulting in a positive impact on my investments. I find the investor reports useful, proving that the Company are on top of things which is always encouraging.”
Cathal Lyons
Former Managing Partner of Operations & CFO for Ernst Young in CIS.
Executive board member in Companies in Russia, Thailand and Netherlands

“Every month I get calls from investment brokers and institutions offering investment advice. I chose the Company as a partner because of their strong network in a corporate world and very good recommendations from the community, people I personally trust. Working with the Company is a pleasure, they offer advice in all areas of finance, provide guidance and take a strategic approach if you want to think outside the box. Always on time, transparent and very trustful.”
Pavel Verbludenko
General Director, Ontex Moscow, Russia
Moscow, Russia

“I originally sought financial advice on saving money on a month by month basis. Unlike many financial advisors who were simply interested in large lump sum investments, the Company were very helpful in creating a savings program that suited my requirements. Ten years later, thanks to the Company, I built up a nice savings “nest egg” which I had no hesitation in asking the Company to manage on my behalf. I have been particularly impressed with the degree of personal service offered by the Company, the realistic indications of the investment potential, no wild promises, but sensible predictions, and the degree of choice offered to me. The Company does not forget that it is your money and you have full control over what happens to it.”
Robert Missen
Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Transport, European Commission
Brussels, Belgium

“George and his team have managed investments for me since 2008 and I am very happy with the level of support and proactive advice that is continuously provided. Being based in Nigeria means I have not had the opportunity of physically engaging the team for the last 8 years but the quality of personal service, transparency and communication has kept me assured that they are always working to ensure best value for my investments at all times. One less thing to worry about!”
Uneku Shehu