Mithril is an independent global asset management company with offices in Switzerland and Mauritius. The analysts and portfolio managers, who make up the team of experts within Mithril, constantly seek to enhance their performance and service to their clients. Mithril manages client investments on a day-to-day basis knowing that today’s investor is expecting something special and it is their intent to meet that expectation.


A personal investment manager, swift administration and dealing, on-line access, regular statements and reviews and constant open lines of communication are all features of this service. Feedback from investors is constantly encouraged and Mithril’s reaction is immediate. The sole objective is to produce an investment management service with strong performance, which is second to none, and to have investors totally confident that their capital and savings are in the best hands.


The importance of asset management is often underestimated when markets perform well. When the markets go through a period of volatility, your emotions and confidence can fall and rise with the markets themselves. When they lose patience, investors can make the common mistake, of hastily selling when the markets look bleak. Mithril Asset Management’s investment allocation process is designed in such a way that the client’s portfolio is consistently aimed at achieving the target set out by the client, no matter if the markets are showing positive returns or are going through uncertainty.


Mithril Asset Management

Key Personnel

Soemoe Thein Win (CAIA, MCSI)

Managing Director of Mithril Asset Management

Anna Rozhentsova (CFA, MCSI)

Portfolio Manager of Mithril Asset Management